Falls are the cause of 20% of all job-related injuries. Of workers killed by falls, 54% had no access to fall protection and 23% had fall protection equipment, but were not using it.

Our mission is to ensure that everyone on your team goes home safe at the end of the day. Check out these workplace safety statistics to learn why fall protection matters.

Why Is Fall Protection Important?

We know that fall protection matters, but why? Here are the three most important reasons to invest in fall protection on the job:

  • Federal regulations require it. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) have a series of requirements for high-risk jobs. Working at extreme heights is an inherent hazard, which is why these organizations impose regulations for fall protection.
  • It protects your business. As a company, you have to consider accidents on the job and the liabilities that come with them. Accidents can create a financial strain on your operation and damage your reputation. People are more likely to hire a business that works safely, and avoiding injuries will keep your projects on schedule.
  • Your team matters. Regardless of your industry, your team puts in hard work every day to get the job done. They’re supporting your operational goals, and their lives have value. Show you care by using safety fall arrest equipment.

What Does OSHA Have to Say?

OSHA is a pillar in job safety, providing precise requirements for equipment usage and training programs. In 2018, the organization made 7,270 citations on general conditions alone, which means that many teams do not use the correct safety practices on the job.

While the penalties for compliance failure can be steep, the harm to your crew is far more damaging. Of people who died on the job, 54% had zero access to fall protection equipment, and one in five of all fatalities are in construction. These events are preventable, which is why OSHA pushes strict regulations and companies like Guardian Systems work tirelessly to deliver personal fall protection equipment.

The construction sector is one of the most dangerous industries for its work at heights and its high percentage of young workers. The statistics tell us that teams need accessible equipment that will keep them safe at all times, and Guardian Systems strives to meet these needs.

When Must Fall Protection Devices Be Used?

OSHA standards outline the requirements for fall protection in the construction industry. Employers must provide fall arrest equipment when individuals are working at heights of six feet or higher. Workers need fall protection at lower elevations when working over dangerous equipment or materials like acid.

Construction operations work at six feet or higher all the time. Stay prepared and stock up on fall protection gear from Guardian Systems.

Get the Latest Fall Arrest Equipment From Guardian Systems

We show our dedication to safety with our extensive range of fall protection equipment. Our full-body harnesses come in many configurations, with safety D-Rings, pass-through, tongue and buckle, and quick connect designs. We also provide sturdy roof anchors for a dependable connection to your tie-off point. Other safety equipment options include:

  • Personal protective equipment
  • Rescue tools
  • Self-retracting equipment

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